Pizza Hut UK taps pension consultant

Jan. 17, 2011

Pizza Hut UK has tapped Mercer to provide de-risking services for the company’s 50 million pound (about $76 million) pension fund.

Mercer’s investment strategy, which manages the plan’s assets against its liabilities, enables Pizza Hut’s fund to benefit from market conditions.

According to Employee Benefits magazine, Pizza Hut UK trustees wanted to increase focus on managing the funding risk. Funds were transferred in September and have already experienced improvements.

Funding environmental projects

Pizza Hut’s China division has again funded a subsidy program for that country’s Environmental Protection Foundation (CEPF).

According to People Daily, this is the fifth small-fund subsidy provided by Pizza Hut. The grant money, which totals about $74,000, will be used to fund 60 projects out of the 522 applicants.

CEPF’s small-fund subsidy program began in 2006 and was first underwritten by Yum! Brands’ Pizza Hut in 2008. The program’s objective is to provide money for approved environmental protection projects and hold training sessions between experts and project leaders.

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