Pizza Hut UK using Aladdin eToken employee authentication tool

Nov. 19, 2003

CHICAGO—Aladdin Knowledge Systems, Inc. eToken announced Pizza Hut UK has deployed Aladdin's eToken employee identification tool systemwide.

According to a news release, eToken is a USB authentication device about the size of a house key. It offers users and IT security administrators a fully portable, cost-effective means to authenticate users and digitally "sign" sensitive business transactions. It replaces the organization's previous RSA SecureID solution.

Pizza Hut UK oversees 500 outlets, 350 of which are dine-in units.

"Our previous RSA SecureID solution proved to be complicated and slow for our users," said Richard Fox, project manager for Pizza Hut UK. "eToken will provide a cost effective solution, while also allowing us to manage the solution ourselves."

Topics: Operations Management , Pizza Hut

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