Pizza Hut wants 10 vegetarian stores in India by '04

Sept. 2, 2002

MUMBAI, India -- Pizza Hut plans to open seven more vegetarian-only outlets in India by 2004, adding to its current total of three.

According to the Economic Times, of its 36 pizza stores in India, Pizza Hut currently has three vegetarian-only restaurants, one each in Mumbai, Ahmedabad and Surat.

"Pizza Hut sells vegetarian pizzas only in India," said Pankaj Batra, director of marketing for Yum! Restaurants International (Pizza Hut, India). "In other Pizza Hut outlets globally, one would rarely manage to get one vegetarian pizza." Batra added that it also serves Jain pizzas (for practicioners of Jainism) in its vegetarian stores.

In addition to its vegetarian pizzas, Batra said Pizza Hut's Indian offerings are becoming global favorites. "Our masala pizzas, like Teekha chicken Tikka, chicken tufani and paneer phataka pizzas will soon be served in the UK, Middle East and Asian markets like Indonesia and Malaysia."

In most Indian Pizza Huts, better than 60 percent of pizzas and pasta dishes sold are vegetarian, he said.

Batra also claimed that Pizza Hut is expected to achieve its target of 50 Indian outlets by the end of 2002, and 100 outlets by 2004.

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