Pizza Hut's new marketing items aim to create nostalgic bonds

Feb. 4, 2010
As details about Pizza Hut's new Super Bowl pregame commercials emerge — the first public collaboration between Yum! Brands' pizza label and its new ad agency, The Martin Agency — spokesperson Chris Fuller divulges the theme behind company's new marketing approach.  
Though the new spots will be anchored around the company's new $10 "any pizza, any size, any crust and any topping" deal, you won't necessarily see that same value or price orientation as the brand's focal point the rest of the year. Instead, in seeming direct response to largest franchisee NPC International Inc.'s late 2009 call to find a new strategy to connect with customers, the brand now looks to bond on a more personal level.
"This year's theme will center largely on value, but more so on favorites," said Fuller. "Customers can get their favorite pizzas, pastas and wings at Pizza Hut.  The idea for the vignette scenes (in the new commercials), also known as the 'red room' came from our desire to connect more directly with the emotional bond our customers have for the Pizza Hut brand.  As an iconic American brand, we are renewing our focus on providing customers their favorite foods at affordable prices."
The "red room" Fuller refers to is the color of the background for the company's newest commercial, and, of course, the color of the brand. The commercials feature "customers" of all ages talking candidly about the $10 deal.

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