Pizza-making vending machine debuts in Europe

May 30, 2011

Traditional pizza chefs in Italy seem less than thrilled about the new "Let's Pizza" vending machine, which uses infrared technology to create and cook pizzas in less than 3 minutes.

According to the Manila Bulletin, the machine was developed at the University of Bologna in Italy and kneads flour and water into dough, spreads tomato sauce onto the crust, and tops it with ingredients before speed cooking the creation.

The machine also features windows where customers can watch the pizza-making process.

Let's Pizza is the brainchild of Claudio Torghele with help from Unilever. It was tested in Germany and two Italian regions and is expected to roll out in Europe in the next month.

Torghele also would like to introduce the machine to the United States. He said it will appeal to customers who are in a hurry and are still pinching pennies after the recession.

Not everyone shares his excitement, however.

From the story:

"This machine is a toy," Pino Morelli of the Association of Italian Pizzerias said. "Perhaps it will find a niche overseas, but Italians are born with pizza: their mothers feed it to them as babies. They understand it ... Unfortunately, today people invent many things, but you can't make any comparison, especially in terms of quality."

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