Pizza Pizza intros Italian-style deep-dish pan pizza

Jan. 19, 2006

TORONTO — Pizza Pizza is rolling out its Italian Style Deep Dish Pan Pizza.

According to a news release, the offering is loaded with toppings.

"The toppings are level with the pan, unlike the Chicago style, where the toppings are essentially inside the middle of it," said Pat Finelli, vice president of marketing at Pizza Pizza. "Our crust is thick, fresh and scrumptious, rising to the top of the rim of the pan. In fact, we increased the height of our pizza boxes to fit the new pan pizza, because the crust was touching the top of the boxes."

Pizza Pizza is partnering with Rogers Video on a special promotion coinciding with the pan pizza launch. Consumers purchasing a medium Deep Dish Pan Pizza will receive a rent-one, get-one-free coupon for video rentals at Roger's Video stores and can buy the second and third medium pepperoni pizza for $5 each.

The pan pizza is joined by three new side items: apple pie (which is trans-fat-free), onion rings and Zesty Breaded Chicken Wings.



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