Pizza Pizza offering trans fat-free and whole-wheat pizza menu

March 23, 2004

TORONTO—Pizza Pizza, a 450-unit chain based here, announced it has eliminated trans fats from all its pizza dough and soon will roll out a new whole-wheat pizza crust.

According to a news release, the changes are in response to increased customer concern for more healthful products.

"We understand that trans fat-free products are important to consumers," said Paul Methot, vice president of commissary and distribution at Pizza Pizza Limited. "We are delighted that, without compromising taste or texture, we have enhanced the goodness of our baked pizza, making it a healthier meal choice by reformulating all our dough recipes to incorporate trans fat-free extra virgin olive oil imported from Europe."

The benefit of the whole-wheat dough, according to the release, is added fiber, nutrients and reduced total carbohydrates.

Pizza Pizza also offers part-skim mozzarella and reduced-fat pepperoni, and, according to the release, will soon launch a Healthy Lifestyles Light Options menu.

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