Pizzeria owner encourages employees to arm themselves

April 5, 2011

After Mark Miller's Double-M Pizza was robbed in the Pittsburgh suburb of Charleroi, he decided to take action. According to CBS Pittsburgh, Miller is encouraging his employees to get a weapon permit, train how to use it and carry it at work.

According to CBS Pittsburgh, Miller even posted a sign on the shop's front door that says "We Now Carry."

The robbery suspect was armed with a shotgun when he demanded money from Miller last weekend. Miller was able to run away with the store's cash tray without further incident. The suspect, however, got away.

He said if his employees are armed with a weapon, it will prevent something like this from happening again.

"A well-armed public is the greatest deterrent of crime in the world," Miller said.

Reader reaction to the story has been divided. One commenter said arming these employees is a good idea, as an "unbelievable number of pizza carriers have been murdered for as little as $23."

Another questioned whether or not it would make a difference, as kids working as delivery drivers will not have the confidence to successfully deploy their firearm in an intense situation.

A reader questioned why Miller doesn't have surveillance video of the crime and suggests updating his security system first.

Pizza delivery has repeatedly been listed as one of the most dangerous jobs in the country. What do you think? Should these employees be armed?


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