Pizzeria worker claims uniform badge saved his life

March 16, 2005

The New Zealand Herald: A Pizza Haven employee in Port Chevalier stabbed three times in a vicious robbery claims he was saved from serious injury by the badge on his chest.

Three men wearing hooded sweatshirts and motocross masks stormed into the pizza shop on the night of March 4, stabbing pizza worker Kevin Duttagupta before making off with more than $700.

Remarkably Duttagupta, 28, was back at work less than 24 hours after the Friday night assault.

According to Duttagupta, the trio stormed into the restaurant through a rear entrance. He was thrown into a corner and then stabbed by an assailant who was demanding he open the cash register. Despite taking several hundred dollars from the till, the men demanded the combination to the safe, which Duttagupta didn't know. One man then stabbed him again, this time in the chest. The blade sliced through Duttagupta's Pizza Haven uniform, but his name badge deflected the blow and kept Duttagupta from serious injury.

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