Poison-pizza threat puts cook on probation

March 20, 2002

OSLO, Norway -- It appears that finding good pizzeria workers is tough in Norway, too.

According to Newspaper Aftenposten, a cook working in an Oslo pizza parlor was sentenced to 30 days' probation for threatening to poison the pizza of the police officer who arrested him for urinating in Oslo's National Theater subway station. Security guards spotted the drunken 50-year-old man in the act on surveillance cameras.

When they confronted and handcuffed him, he not only threatened to kill them, he told one arresting officer he'd poison his pizza if he ever came to the restaurant.

"I'll remember you, and I'll get you," the cook reportedly told the officer.

At a hearing on the matter, which came before the judge in mid-December, the cook claimed he didn't remember the incident, and said his battle with diabetes forces him to urinate frequently.

The judge ultimately decided the poison-pizza threat was little more than drunken babble, and since the unnamed defendant had no previous record, the court waived the usual 30-day jail term and granted probation instead.

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