Press Release: Regional Dominos Franchisee to utilize Universal-Nationwide's CAPS-Check Assurance Protection System!

June 15, 2004

CAPS: Check Assurance Protection System Pizzerias
Milwaukee, Wisconsin: May 5, 2004

Universal-Nationwide, a division of Universal Savings BancHoldings, Inc, announced the signing of another large regional Dominos Franchisee, to utilize the patent pending CAPS-Check Assurance Protection System! "This is just another indicator of how well the marketplace is accepting the way we are changing the check guarantee end of the business", said Ed Thompson, VP-Sales.

Unlike other forms of check guarantee and rebate programs, Universal-Nationwide pays  all of your "Bad Checks". In fact, the pizzeria never even receives the bad check. It goes directly to Universal for payment. The pizzeria can deposit the check and it's like depositing cash, because it won't be returned to them—only to UNLLC.

Thompson further stated, "We have all sizes of Pizzerias for clients—Mom and Pop as well as some of the larger operators with multi-store units. They all receive the same program, and the same excellent service from our company.  With our program, there is no more waiting, or getting reimbursed for the check. It's there when you deposit it! We even save the operator money on their returned item fees as well. This program adds money back to the operator's bottom line!"

"We introduced this program in Atlantic City at the NAPO convention, and we have been signing stores ever since. It has just caught on even better than we expected", Thompson continued. "I am staying 'hands on' to make sure that we respond to as many stores as possible. It's my baby".

Thompson can be reached by calling him at 800-714-CHECK. Extension 350. Or you can email him at

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