Radiant Systems launches application to reduce employee theft

Feb. 11, 2010
Radiant Systems Inc. has announced the launch of Aloha Restaurant Guard, a powerful application within its Hosted Solutions suite that helps deter employee theft. The application analyzes point-of-sale data and transactions to identify common restaurant employee scams and fraudulent activities. By implementing the solution, restaurant operators can better control operations and increase their profit by as much as 5 percent.
Aloha Restaurant Guard is a hosted back-office application that allows restaurant operators to gain visibility into potential theft that occurs in their restaurants. By monitoring all POS activities in real time, Aloha Restaurant Guard is able to generate reports that identify trends consistent with more than a dozen restaurant scams to help stop profit losses and minimize the effects of fraudulent behavior.
In addition, Aloha Restaurant Guard increases the level of security in restaurants to deter theft and improve controls without any impact to the guest experience. Not only does the application use artificial intelligence to provide in-depth server summary reports that compile loss prevention and incident history, but the reports also give operators insight into their best- and worst-performing employees. Aloha Restaurant Guard has already been implemented in more than 3,000 quick-service and table-service restaurant locations.

Topics: Operations Management , POS

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