Rascal House of Pizza donates share of profits to laid-off firefighters, officers

Dec. 7, 2003

CLEVELAND—When Mike Frangos heard that hundreds of Cleveland's firefighters and police officers will be laid off this holiday season, the owner of Rascal House Pizza wanted to help out.

According to a news release, Frangos believed he needed to support civil servants who routinely risk their lives for others like him.

"It's the holidays, and the people who have protected our homes and our lives in the past are going through a tough time during what should be a season of gift giving and celebration," said Frangos.

Until Dec. 31, Frangos will give 50 cents from the sale of every pizza sold at his four Rascal stores to the families of the laid-off workers.

"It's the very least I can do," Frangos said in the release. "They've protected and helped us over the years and now it's our turn to give something back."

Frangos is hoping other restaurateurs will pitch in some profits as well. "Together we can be a major force in brightening the holidays for the families of our local heroes."

Customers who want to add to the workers' fund are encouraged to donate; they can do so at each Rascal House unit.

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