Rash of New Haven pizza delivery driver robberies continues

Feb. 22, 2004

NEW HAVEN, Conn.—Police here are urging pizza delivery operations to be on high alert in the wake of nine robberies committed against restaurant delivery drivers in a matter of weeks.

According to the New Haven Register, two pizza delivery drivers were robbed at gunpoint, one on the night of Feb. 20, the other, four hours later on the morning of Feb. 21.

The first robbery occurred when a Domino's Pizza driver attempted to make a delivery, but instead met a black-masked male who flashed a handgun and took his money. Drivers for the Domino's unit have been robbed at least twice in recent weeks.

The second robbery happened at 3 a.m., when a driver from Empire Pizza received an order for the same location. The driver arrived and handed a pizza to a teen standing outside that address. The teen handed the pie to a friend who was sitting on the steps of the house and then pulled down a mask to cover his face and pulled out a gun.

According to the report, local police have complained the pizza delivery operations, as well as some Chinese delivery operations, aren't taking enough precautions to protect their drivers.

Officers recommend order takers insist on getting call back numbers from customers and using them, as well as refusing to accept delivery orders from cellular phones.

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