Report: Demographic shift influencing food trends

Feb. 6, 2013

A new market research report jointly published by Packaged Facts and CCD Innovation shows how the growth in the Hispanic and Asian populations is causing a shift toward Asian and Latin culinary trends.

Combined, the Hispanic and Asian communities make up 22 percent of the U.S. population. When coupled with a large number of Americans in what is called the "creative class," those who embrace change and multicultural influences, the result is a national majority now seeking out authentic and globally-influenced foods.

"It's clear from population statistics, and from the regional cuisine trends we've been tracking for years now, that we live in a multicultural America that requires a wide bandwidth of multicultural food offerings," said Kimberly Egan, CEO of CCD Innovation.

This trend is gravitating toward authentic and traditional foods, those made from imported or specialty ingredients, those created using traditional cooking methods, and those fused, mixed or matched with other cuisines.

The Asian and Latin Culinary Trend Mapping Report profiles several trends that have emerged from demographic shifts, including:

Lomo Saltado: A product of Peru's Chifa (Chinese-inspired) cuisine, lomo saltado exhibits the unique blending of cultural influences in the country's foodways;

Asian Burritos: The portable, meal-worthy burrito lends itself to savory Asian ingredients and flavor combinations;

Vietnamese Coffee: Growth of banh mi sandwiches and pho has led to an interest in authentic Vietnamese drinks — plus, the metal brewer adds an experiential element;

Frozen Treats: Global frozen treats from push carts, farmers markets, and independent shops entice kids and grown-ups with new fruit and spice flavors;

One-Bowl Meals :  Easy-to-eat, filling bowls built on a foundation of rice or noodles are versatile one-stop shopping meals;

Flavor on the Grill: Interest continues to grow in more authentic Asian and Latin flavoring marinades, spice rubs and toppings; and

Convenience Meals: Authentic food lovers still need readymade soups, prepared meals and meal kits, but don't want taste compromise.

Read more about trends and statistics.

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