Restaurant sales up 7.5% in months after terrorist attacks, says NRA

March 14, 2002

WASHINGTON, D.C. -- Six months after the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, the National Restaurant Association reported on March 14 that restaurant industry sales have rebounded above pre-attack levels. According to an NRA release, December sales came in at a single-month record of $28.4 billion.

"Overall, sales have returned to pre-attack levels and the industry continues to grow stronger every day," said Steven C. Anderson, NRA president and CEO.

After the attacks, the National Restaurant Association launched a multifaceted PR effort to highlight the $1 trillion financial impact the nation's 858,000 restaurants have on the nation's economy.

As of yet, no official estimate has been made on the total sales dollars lost by the restaurant industry in wake of the attacks, but some sources say totals likely are in the billions.

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