Revention adds dual pay rate feature for delivery drivers

April 10, 2013

Revention's new dual driver pay rate feature provides the ability to monitor and review delivery drivers' hours worked in-store versus hours worked on the road via the Revention POS system.

The split pay feature was created to reduce labor and improve a store's delivery performance. Dual pay rate is ideal since the on-road pay rate is considered a tipped wage, whereas the in-store rate would be a traditional hourly wage. The feature also allows for Revention to customize the delivery fee notation to encourage customers to tip their delivery drivers.

While using the feature, management and drivers can dispatch the order to the driver as the driver walks out the door, and return the driver when the driver walks in the door. By following this process, a store can reduce labor costs and improve delivery performance.

Analysis of real Revention clients has revealed an average weekly savings of $170 when using the split pay feature, versus not using it, according to the company.

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