Revention releases new 'Table & Guest Management' module

Sept. 6, 2013

Revention has released a new point-of-sale module, Table and Guest Management, which provides tools to manage table turns, server assignments and food preparation times, all aimed at improving guest satisfaction, according to a company press release.

Table management

The table management system is a comprehensive dining room manager that allows for multiple custom dining rooms and bars to be defined. The flexible configuration provides the ability to import custom table and bar seat graphics. Background objects can be created to provide a true rendering of the restaurant or bar, which can include point-of-sale stations, kitchen doors, walls and plants, according to the release.

Within the point of sale, table management can be configured to assign tables to servers or allow open table selection. Open table selection is a feature for restaurants that do not have assigned server sections or the sections change dynamically based on volume and party sizes. The order entry screen will automatically display table management for servers and bartenders ease of use.

Guest management

Guest management provides managers and food expediters with a real-time food production analysis by guest table.

The guest management screen displays every table and bar seat available within the restaurant, with the ability to toggle between in house orders and to-go or Web orders. In coordination with the Kitchen Display System, the tables display the current food preparation time for each guest table. Multiple alert indicators can be configured. When the order is ready to be delivered to the guest the table flashes until the order is bumped. The food production for each table adjusts based on menu item production times and guest courses, according to the release.

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