Ronzio Pizza rolls out low-carb pie

May 18, 2004

LINCOLN, R.I.—Ronzio Pizza, an 18-unit chain based here, has developed a low-carbohydrate pizza with 60 percent fewer carbs than its traditional pizza.

According to the Providence Journal, Julian Angelone, president and CEO of the Lincoln-based company, hopes his new creation will help Ronzio catch the low-carb wave.

"We saw the number of people who are on some kind of a low-carb program," he said. "We felt we needed to offer our customers an alternative."

Angelone turned to a New Hampshire pizza dough manufacturer for help with the low-carb dough, which mixes whole wheat, soy, rye and oat flours, along with wheat bran, wheat and oak flakes, natural sourdough, flax seeds, sesame seeds and millet.

Once satisfied that the crust tasted as close as possible to Ronzio's traditional pizza crust, the recipe was sent to the American Institute of Baking, in Manhattan, Kan., for nutritional analysis.

That lab's results said a two-slice serving of Ronzio's traditional pizza has 40 grams of carbohydrates, while the low-carb pizza yields 15 total carbs and 10 net carbs.

The low-carb pizza can be ordered with the same toppings as regular Ronzio pizza, and costs approximately $1.50 more than Ronzio's traditional pizzas.

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