San Diego Pizza Huts reopen for business

May 31, 2004

SAN DIEGO—Sixty-two San Diego County Pizza Huts reopened May 30 after closing abruptly two days before.

According to the Imperial Valley Press, Pizza Hut franchisee RLLW Inc., closed the units when the San Diego County District Attorney's Office filed a criminal complaint against the firm on May 25. The complaint alleged RLLW had operated without state-mandated worker's compensation insurance from July 3-17, 2003. RLLW was charged with 15 misdemeanor counts for each day of lapsed coverage.

An arraignment is scheduled for June 17.

On May 14, the same D.A.'s office filed an unrelated lawsuit against RLLW, accusing it of false advertising. The suit alleges the firm's Pizza Huts have been adding a 50-cent "energy surcharge" to every ticket without telling customers.

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