Scooters to expand in South Africa

March 19, 2002

South African home-delivery pizza chain Scooters is preparing for a major expansion during 2002, company managing director Carlo Gonzaga told Africa News Service in early February.

Gonzaga said the chain would expand from 29 stores to 50 during 2002 and will expand into the state of Western Cape. Scooters operates stores in four South African states: KwaZulu-Natal, Gauteng, Eastern Cape, and Northern Province.

Gonzaga said 2002 would be dedicated to increasing the company's visibility nationwide, but particularly in Gauteng, where Scooters opened 12 new stores in the past six months.

Scooters anticipates generating revenue of $8.75 million during fiscal year 2002, more than double the figure for fiscal year 2001.

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