Scotts worry pizza, beer delivery will boost underage drinking

Dec. 2, 2002

PAISLEY, Scotland -- The Pizza Shop, a pizza and fish delivery outlet, is being criticized by a Paisley alcohol-awareness group for delivering beer and wine to homes.

According to the Paisley Daily Express, the Renfrew Council on Alcohol (RCA) believes phone orders for home delivery of food and booze will boost the chance people younger than 18 will get easier access to alcohol.

RCA director Dr. Alex Crawford said he is "very concerned about this indeed because it could make it easier for young people to get alcohol. ... How can you tell over the phone if someone is 18?"

Owners Donna and Lino Napolitano, parents of four minors themselves, know children might try to take advantage of the service, but said they've taken steps to avoid this.

"I wouldn't like my kids, or anybody else's, to get a hold of alcohol," said Donna Napolitano. "To try and make sure this doesn't happen people will need to sign a book for deliveries, and we will ask for I.D. if they look young."

Paisley police praised Pizza Stop's proactive efforts to consult them for help in avoiding any sales of alcohol to minors.

"The licensee came to us for advice and is keeping an order book," said a police spokesman. "Their attitude to the whole venture has been very responsible."

The Express spoke to one source who claimed duping delivery companies into delivering drinks is easy. When she was 14, the woman, who spoke anonymously, claimed she would order beer and wine with food from a Chinese takeaway and then get "somebody's big brother to answer the door. The deliverymen never asked for I.D. They were only interested in getting paid for the order."

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