Shakey's in Malaysia targets young customers with new image, offerings

May 30, 2002

KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia -- A re-branding campaign started at Shakey's Pizza stores in Malaysia in March has boosted sales by as much as 15 percent.

According to a report in the New Straits Times, stores have reported 30 percent to 40 percent increases in younger customer traffic drawn to the chain's new youth-oriented image.

In a move to differentiate itself from quick-service competitors, Shakey's store decor now centers on a trendy bistro image.

In May Shakey's rolled out its new Sambalicious Pizza, which executive director Ba U Shan-Ting predicts will bring double-digit revenue growth for the year.

Ba U said the Sambalicious Pizza is modeled after a favorite Malaysian dish, nasi lemak, which is made from marinated chicken, fried peanuts and anchovies, cucumber, tomato and slices of boiled egg.

Baked with a pan-style dough, the crust can be dipped into a side serving of sambal sauce (a paste of dried shrimp and chiles).

According to Ba U, the changes are part of Shakey's effort to develop recipes focused on Malaysian tastes.

"The launch of the Sambalicious Pizza is supported by an extensive marketing campaign with approximately RM300,000 (U.S. $78,000) being spent to inform and attract existing and potential customers," he said.

Shakey's Pizza in Malaysia encompasses 27 stores and it expects to have three more by year's end. Its sales in 2001 were RM25 million (U.S. $6.5 million).

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