Sinkhole swallows pizza delivery driver's car

June 9, 2002

CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- Pizza delivery driver David Miller found himself and his automobile in a 'hole' lot of trouble on June 7.

According to the Charlotte Observer, while Miller, 19, was stopped at a red light, the pavement beneath his 1997 Ford Escort gave way, and his car landed nose-first, tail-up in an eight-foot-deep hole.

As water poured into his car, Miller fled through the passenger door. His feet were soaked, but he was uninjured.

The sinkhole was the result of a faulty 48-inch water main being installed beneath the road. Leaking water washed away dirt beneath the pavement, allowing the asphalt to collapse.

The contractor installing the line said he will rent a car for Miller.

Miller called his supervisor at a Papa John's pizza store to say he was having car trouble and might be late for his evening shift.

"He said he ran into a hole in the road," supervisor Annette Cassel, said. "I didn't know it was that big of a hole."

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