SpeedLine offers POS-buying tips

Feb. 2, 2010

POS provider SpeedLine just released suggestions to secure solid POS deals this show season, when they're heavily promoted. In its newsletter, "POS Quick Tips," the company recommended potential purchasers do their homework to land the right POS system with the right deal. Tips to do that include:

  1. Know what you need – To find the right system, first anticipate your company's needs 10 years out, and be sure to add some non-negotiable items like PCI compliance, after-sales support, and ease of integration with existing technology.
  2. Understand your options – Do your homework on the Internet so you can spot a bluff when a salesperson sends one your way.
  3. Secure the best deal – Collaborate with sales reps to build the best deal for you, the company said. 

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