SpeedLine POS 5.5 upgrade includes new loss prevention controls

Oct. 31, 2005

LYNDEN, Wash. — Pizza POS provider SpeedLine announced its new version 5.5 includes new capabilities focused on loss prevention.

"Loss prevention is the driver behind many of the new capabilities," SpeedLine president John de Wolde said in a news release. "We have developed a number of advanced security tools to track key activities that have the potential for misuse in the restaurant."

Up-to-the-minute reports highlight potentially suspicious activity, such as discounts-after-save, coupons-after-payment and changes that reduce the ticket price, such as removing a beer and adding a glass of water in its place.

Time clock editing controls save and report on every change and pinpoint who made the change. A new log tracks such activities as canceling a ticket and using training mode, and entries where the system filtered out foul language.

In this extensive release, SpeedLine also sets new benchmarks for money-saving coupon controls. Flexible and comprehensive coupon rules control precisely who can use specific coupons and when and how they apply them.

"Innovations such as coupon auto-discovery take 'smart coupons' to a whole new level," said marketing manager Jennifer Wiebe. "When you take an order for two large pizzas and a 2-liter soda, the system automatically recognizes it as a meal deal and pops up the value meal coupon with the correct pricing. You never have to retake an order to select a value meal or apply a coupon."

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