Study: Card-linked marketing works

Oct. 17, 2013

Cardlytics, a provider of card-linked marketing, has announced the findings of its 2013 State of CLM Study, which fielded 300 marketing professionals in October, according to a company press release. The study was aimed at determining marketers' attitudes toward Card-Linked Marketing (CLM), which is advertising directly through consumers' online and mobile bank statements with targeted cash-back offers based on purchase history.

The study found that 87 percent of marketers believe there are benefits to CLM with the top benefits being:

  • Better ability to reach loyal customers — 49 percent.
  • Helps consumers save money — 47 percent.
  • Ability to target offers based on consumer purchase history — 45 percent.
  • Increased sales for retailers — 43 percent.
  • Better ability to target new customers — 41 percent.
  • Improved customer satisfaction due to more relevant ads — 33 percent.
  • And precise measurement of marketing campaign results — 27 percent.

Cardlytics also found that three out of four marketers say CLM is a suitable replacement for traditional marketing strategies including email offers (48 percent), coupons (48 percent), newspaper advertising (30 percent), online search advertising (29 percent) and TV advertising (24 percent).

"Marketers value the information they believe can be obtained through card-linked marketing," said Kasey Byrne, SVP of marketing, Cardlytics. "The results of this study demonstrate that marketing professionals see Card-Linked Marketing as a valuable tool. With Card-Linked Marketing, marketers can reach a targeted audience while providing consumers with the best deals for saving money."

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