Team of thieves robs three drivers in 4 months

March 19, 2002

Two men are in police custody after their arrest in connection to robberies of three different pizza delivery drivers in four months.

According to Pittsburgh's WTAE TV, Alan Valek, 18, and Richard Lenhart, 20, followed the drivers to their delivery points and then robbed them of their cash.

The most recent of the crimes occurred on Feb. 1, when the men followed a Domino's Pizza delivery man and robbed him. It also is believed they followed a Fox's Pizza Den driver to Fairmont Street in Latrobe, Pa., on Jan. 25, and robbed her.

On Nov. 30, Valek and Lenhart allegedly ordered a pizza to be sent to a mobile home, broke into the home and waited for the driver. When the delivery woman arrived, police said the men beat her and took her car and money.

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