The Loop unveils Tomato Bisque pizza

Jan. 16, 2011

It’s not often a pizza is inspired by a soup, but that’s exactly the impetus behind The Loop Pizza Grill's newest creation. The Tomato Bisque pizza was introduced over the weekend, created by employee Chris Holmes.

Holmes, a nine-year veteran of The Loop and a current culinary student, was searching for a creative way to eat his favorite menu item, which happened to be the Tomato Bisque Soup.

Holmes incorporated many of the soup’s staple ingredients, such as the Asiago croutons, basil and bacon. He also added the Tomato Bisque soup on top of the cheese, instead of traditional tomato sauce.

"I'd call it an explosion of Tomato Bisque in your mouth,” said Holmes. “At least one out of every three people who come through our door asks for the Tomato Bisque soup. It's a signature item at the restaurant.”

Holmes’ mother, Joanne, is a founding staff member of The Loop and current store manager in Mandarin, Fla.

The limited-time Tomato Bisque pizza will be available until mid-April. Other (as of yet unnamed) LTO pizzas also will debut this year for The Loops’ 30th anniversary celebration.

The Loop has 15 locations throughout Florida, North Carolina and Georgia.

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