Thirty Pizza Huts on the block in Singapore

March 29, 2002

SINGAPORE -- All 106 Tricon fast-food outlets in Singapore went up for sale in late September.

As reported in Singapore's Business Times, 30 Pizza Huts, 70 KFCs and six Taco Bells, all owned by Louisville, Ky.-based Tricon Global Restaurants, are being sold as part of the company's refranchising program.

About a half dozen parties have expressed interest in buying the stores, which employ about 3,000. Among those interested are two Malaysian parties and Singapore's SUTL Corp., which distributes Evian mineral water and Budweiser beer.

Quick-service restaurants, such as those owned by Tricon, are popular in Singapore, one of Asia's most developed countries. The country's 4 million people are ethnic Chinese.

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