Three pizza shop workers taken hostage in auto shop robbery

April 13, 2003

SAO PAULO, Brazil -- An attempted robbery at an auto repair shop was foiled when burglars took one too many pizza delivery drivers hostage.

According to Agora Sao Paulo, an employee at the Sao Paulo repair shop ordered a pizza for his lunch just minutes before a gang of burglars arrived to pillage the operation.

When the pizza delivery driver arrived, the gang took him hostage along with the shop's 50 workers.

When the driver hadn't returned, the pizza shop's staff became concerned and sent a second delivery driver to find him.

When that driver was taken hostage, the pizza shop's manager went to check for both drivers' whereabouts -- and then was locked up with the others.

When the manager didn't return, the pizza shop owner finally called police, who arrested some of the robbers, recovered most of the stolen goods and released the hostages.

"What a funny story," a police spokesperson said. "I just wonder why they sent three people in before calling the police. It was so obvious something wrong was going on."

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