Tomanetti's parbaked crusts help pizza operators leap into take and bake

Feb. 18, 2004

OAKMONT, Pa.--Parbaked crust manufacturer Tomanetti's Pizza is gearing up production to meet what it calls the next mega-trend in the pizza industry: take-and-bake pizza.

According to a news release, the manufacturer offered its crusts for tasting at the recent North America Pizza & Ice Cream Show in Columbus, Ohio, where company President George Michel touted the Homestyle shells as an immediate and simple way for pizza operators to add take-and-bake to their menus.

Consistency, Michel said, makes Tomanetti's parbaked shells perfect for take-and-bake, since home oven temperatures--as well as home oven users--are often inconsistent. All customers need do is wait for the cheese to melt and the toppings to heat up, and they've got a great pizza.

Homestyle crusts benefit operators as well by providing lower labor costs, product uniformity and convenient packaging.

Presently Tomanetti's produces more than 4.7 million crusts annually and distributes them primarily throughout the North East U.S. Since the Homestyle product can be frozen without sacrificing quality and shipped economically, the company has it's eye on national expansion.

"Should a pizza operator want his own dough recipe turned into a par-baked product, Tomanetti's is able to deliver," George Michel, company president. "We're a specialty crust manufacturer. We can do that."

For more information, contact George Michel at 800-875-3040, or e-mail

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