Top mozzarella producers ranked in 'Dairy 100'

Aug. 28, 2002

DALLAS -- Five leading mozzarella suppliers to the U.S. pizza industry have been ranked in's "The Dairy 100" for 2002, published in mid-August.

Each company follows in rank order, based either on reported or estimated gross revenues.

5. Saputo, Inc. $2.28 billion, up eight spots from 2001.

9. Leprino Foods Co. $1.525 billion (est.), down two spots from 2001.

12. Foremost Farms, $1.33 billion, up four spots from 2001.

21. Lactalis USA/Sorrento Lactalis, $900 million, up one spot from 2001.

73. F&A Dairy Products, $120 million, up 14 spots from 2001.

Paterson, N.J. cheese maker, Suprema Specialties, ranked 37 last year, was removed from this year's list following its bankruptcy and subsequent dissolution in the wake of an accounting scandal.

The country's top dairy producer was Dean Foods Co., with sales of $9.7 billion.

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