Top That! rolls out gluten-free crust

Aug. 12, 2013

Top That! Pizza has added an all-natural, gluten-free crust to its menu. The product is currently available in select locations and is slated to roll out system-wide by Aug. 19, co-founder Lori Walderich said.

"We didn't want to rush to the table with gluten-free because early on, it seemed like everything out there was unacceptable," she said. "Instead, we took our time in selecting the very best product we could find. The result is an option that anyone will want to order — regardless of whether they're allergic to gluten or not. This crust is light, crispy, has lots of flavor and just happens to be gluten-free."

Top That! Pizza's 10-inch, gluten-free pizza crust features Smart Flour, a naturally gluten-free flour blend of ancient grains, sorghum, amaranth and teff that provide vitamins, minerals, fiber and flavor that are missing from other gluten-free products, Walderich said. It is also naturally free of wheat, casein, dairy, soy and egg.

"We can now provide those who are avoiding gluten with something that they will really like," she said. "Nobody should have to cross pizza off their list or compromise taste and quality just because they are sensitive to the ingredients in traditional pizza crust."

Because of the high quality of the crust, a $2.99 charge will be added to the regular pizza price.

"We've already heard from our guests that it is worth it," Walderich said.

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