Toppers adds three pizzas to new menu

Nov. 1, 2013

Wisconsin-based Toppers Pizza will officially unveil ts new menu on Nov. 4.

According to a news release, new options include pizzas with tater tots, pulled pork, diced dill pickles or French fried onions, in addition to the brand's signature Mac 'N Cheese Topper and Taco Topper.

"At Toppers, we strive to be pizza pioneers — we focus on experimentation and innovation, vowing to be the best pizza company in the world," said Scott Gittrich, president and CEO of Toppers. "In order to really deliver on that mission, we are constantly evolving our menu to be the best in the segment by providing unconventional, adventurous and appealing options for our customers and fans. Our adjustments to our menu are guaranteed to make heads turn and mouths water for Toppers."

The launch features three new house pizzas:

  • Three Little Pigs, topped with smoky BBQ sauce, pulled pork, bacon, Canadian bacon and mozzarella cheese, covered with green onions and French fried onions;
  • The Loaded Tot-zza, starting with ranch sauce, mozzarella cheese, tater tots, bacon and green onions and topped with drizzles of nacho cheese; and
  • The El Cubano, a twist on the Cuban sandwich that includes bacon honey mustard sauce, mozzarella cheese, pulled pork, Canadian bacon, French fried onions and diced dill pickles.

In addition, the menu will also offer pulled pork, French fried onions, tater tots and diced dill pickles as toppings for any custom-made pizzas. T

Toppers' MyZA will be offered as a 9-inch round personal pizza and will be available in thin, hand-tossed and the brand's signature tall boy crust.

Prior to the menu's development, Toppers conducted research with customers asking what they wanted in a "premier pizza experience." According to a news release, the company also reached out to non-base customers to find out what they were missing from their pizza experience with other brands.

"Toppers is not only about customization; it's also about customer-ization," said Vice President of Marketing Scott Iversen, who spearheaded Toppers' menu changes. "In other words, we want to give our customers the chance to make their own choices when it comes to the food they eat, but also to let us do the work for them. With our made-over menu and new flavor profiles, customers can only expect one thing: to have their minds blown."

Other items included

In addition to new toppings and house pizza offerings, the revamped menu also includes complementary product offerings. With every pizza order, Toppers customers will get a choice of a Dippin' Sauce, including new flavors like Parmesan Garlic and Bacon Honey Mustard, as well as classics such as Mild and Hot Buffalo, formerly known as Mild Sauce and Hot Sauce. Toppers employees have been trained to recommend Dippin' Sauces for each pizza.

Read more about pizza toppings.

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