Toppers Pizza now selling 'Tall Boys'

Nov. 3, 2010

Toppers Pizza, the 28-unit eclectic pizza delivery franchise, has finally created “the pizza all other pizzas look up to,” according to its marketing departmentment. Literally: it’s called The Tall Boy.

“The Tall Boy is a continuation of our taste domination and represents the best of our product offerings,” said Scott Iversen, director of marketing for Toppers Pizza. “Customers are constantly craving our Topperstix—then one day it suddenly occurred to us: Topperstix as the base of our pizzas.”

The Tall Boy combines the cheesy, garlicky, thick crust of Topperstix with any of its 50-plus toppings or House Pizza ingredients.

“When we added the toppings, we noticed that this was a seriously tall pizza,” Iversen said. “It doesn’t dip down in the middle like other thick crust or pan fried pizzas do. It stays thick the whole way through. Naming it The Tall Boy was a no-brainer.”

The Tall Boy is the latest product launched under Toppers new “Spank Your Buds” tagline, a positioning statement that has become Toppers’ official platform for the kinds of ongoing marketing messages that give their fans a unique experience they’ve come to expect: fun, irreverent and engaging.

“Our new tagline just reinforces what our fans have been telling us since our inception,” Iversen said. “Our food tastes better than the national guys, and now we’ve created a tagline that says that, Toppers-style.”

Toppers banks on marketing messages that paint them in opposition to the culture of the bigger chain pizza outfits. They point to recent sales growth to prove the positioning: Toppers Pizza increased their average unit volumes and system-wide sales with five new units and 18 new contracts in 2009.

“The reason for our success is simple: we are not one of the ‘Wal-Marts’ of the industry. The big chains have lost identity and brand connection,” said Scott Gittrich, founder and CEO of Toppers Pizza. “Our customers, on the other hand, are fanatical about our brand. Our quirkiness and edginess have given us character, thus we’ve been able grow by forming strong bonds with an untapped national demographic – the 18 to 34 year olds.”

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