Topper’s wooing franchisees with new website

Jan. 23, 2011

Canadian-based Topper’s Pizza has launched a fully-interactive website geared toward franchise development. The site features a password-protected virtual brochure for franchise prospects to fill out via an automated process.

It is autonomous from Topper’s existing corporate website.

This new component was developed to complement the company’s growth strategy, according to Topper’s president Keith Toppazzini.

“We’re literally courting potential partners on the Internet to see if there’s a match between our company and their own personal goals,” Toppazzini said.

The franchise-focused website, designed by Henderson, Nev.-based Greenbaum Marketing Communications, includes a company introduction and an opportunity for franchisees to validate their interest before embarking upon the qualification process.

The website gauges prospects’ personal business goals through interactive reading materials, videos and callouts. A private portal then requires a user name and password where the franchisee can navigate through the virtual brochure designed to facilitate Topper’s 8-step process.

“Whether you go through steps zero to eight in a week or a year is entirely up to you as an individual,” Toppazzini said. “In franchising, we always say that the franchisor controls the process and the franchisee controls the outcome; the virtual brochure is a perfect way to jumpstart that understanding.”

Toppers’ will leverage FranConnect’s Captivate Franchise Recruitment platform to automate the process of collecting data from the virtual brochures, generating reports that will allow the company to quickly respond to qualified leads.

The franchise-focused site is expected to go live in April. Topper’s Pizza currently includes 35 stores throughout the Ontario province.

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