Toppings of corn, raisins and eggs, oh my!

Sept. 2, 2002

FRAMINGHAM, Mass. -- It's typical for pizza makers to experiment with exotic toppings, but at Brazilian Pizza in Framingham, Mass., corn, raisins, hard-boiled eggs and hearts of palm are the norm.

Tell that to your customers who still think anchovies are weird.

According to a report in MetroWest Daily News, some customers are shocked by such offerings, while most like them once they try them.

"Some American customers tell me before trying our pizzas, 'Never egg, never corn,' " said Victor Bascope, a Bolivian immigrant who co-owns the pizza shop with his Brazilian wife. "But after they try it, they like it. And they come back."

Of the eight types of pizzas offered, most popular among Brazilian customers is a national delicacy called Chicken Catupiry. Included on it are chunks of chicken breast, mozzarella and Catupiry, a creamy cheese from Sao Paulo.

Other fave choices are the chicken pizza with corn; "salpicao," with raisins, mozzarella, ham and olives; and "palmito," with hearts of palm and mozzarella.

The house special has pieces of egg, chicken breast, potato sticks, olives, mozzarella and ham.

Only three options exist for less adventurous pizza fans: mozzarella, bacon with mozzarella, and ham and mozzarella.

Not only are Brazilian pizzas known for their unique toppings, but they also use less tomato sauce than American pies.

Brazil-born customer Jamie Thomas told the Daily News that "Brazilian pizzas are better than American pizzas. They taste better and they have more of everything."

Another Brazillian immigrant, Lauro Viana, agreed. "They have, I don't know what, a little twist that is different."

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