Two Pizza Huts damaged in Lebanon bomb blasts

Nov. 11, 2002

BEIRUT, Lebanon -- Small bombs damaged three American fast-food restaurants on Nov. 12. All three were closed, and no casualties resulted.

According to the Associated Press, one bomb exploded at 4:30 a.m. outside a Pizza Hut in Jounieh, a coastal town 13 miles north of Beirut. At the same time, another bomb exploded at the entrance of a Pizza Hut in Tripoli, damaging tables and chairs, police said.

Thirty minutes later another bomb exploded at a Winners restaurant in Jounieh, wrecking the restaurant's entrance.

Police declined to speculate on the motives for the explosions. However, earlier this year, three other after-hours blasts damaged U.S.-headquartered restaurants in Lebanon. Those properties, authorities believe, were targeted in revenge for U.S. support of Israel in its conflict with Palestinians.

Pizza Hut's director in Lebanon, Imad Sabbagh, said the company may close its restaurants in Lebanon because the Interior Ministry had failed to provide them with protection.

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