UK pizzeria gives away pies for a year, turns residences into 'Little Italy'

Nov. 12, 2002

LONDON -- GoodFella's and British tabloid The Sun are celebrating National Pizza Week (Nov. 11-17) in the UK by holding a trivia contest that will reward winners with free pizza for a year.

According to The Sun, five prize winners each will receive vouchers for two GoodFella's pizzas every week for an entire year, plus "a special restaurant kit, containing a bottle of Valpolicella, a large pepper grinder, candles, pizza cutter, apron, olives and dried tomatoes."

To win, contestants must provide the answer to this brain-twisting question: "Where does pizza originate from: a) France; b) Spain; or c? Italy." Contestants then submit their answers and personal information to a Sun e-mail address before Nov. 25.

Earlier this week, GoodFella's kicked off National Pizza Week by transforming several homes on London's Myrtle Street into Italian restaurants and pizzerias.

According to The Sun, the homes in this temporary "Little Italy" will serve GoodFella's frozen pizzas and a host of other Italian dishes to customers.

Workers have erected illuminated signs outside the houses and brought in Italian restaurant paraphernalia such as checkered tablecloths and Chianti bottles with candles.

The 15 or so resident participants are competing to be voted "best restaurant" by their customers; some have even renamed their homes as Italian restaurants. Kevin Mattimore (from Di Mattimore's at number 7) said the contest has "caused quite a stir locally. People can't believe that they can really just walk in to our living room and order a pizza. ... I've been taking bookings all week!"

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