Undercover officer 'stings' pizza delivery driver robber

May 19, 2003

CINCINNATI -- A local pizza company and an undercover police officer teamed up to nab a suspected delivery driver robber on May 17.

According to a report on WLWT News 5's Web site, Wilton Johnson ordered a pizza from LaRosa's Pizzeria and asked for delivery to an address near the scene of a recent driver robbery.

The order-taker called to confirm the customer's contact number and found it was disconnected. A staff member then called the Cincinnati police, who sent an undercover officer to deliver the order.

Johnson was arrested and later confessed to the first crime, police reported.

"Sometimes that's how we get criminals -- our luck and their stupidity," said Cincinnati Police Department Lieutenant Kurt Byrd. "It all adds up. It all fell together, we made an arrest and got somebody bad off the streets."

Topics: Crime , Operations Management

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