Unique Pizza and Subs announces OTC tier change

Jan. 2, 2012

Unique Pizza and Subs Corporation (OTC Pink: UPZS), a Delaware Corporation, has announced a tier change from UPZS. Unique Pizza will no longer be classified as OTC Pink Limited. As of Dec. 7, 2011, UPZS resides in the OTC Pink Current tier.

With this positive tier change, UPZS is now in a position to move the company in a forward and positive direction.

Over the past three years, the management deemed it necessary to completely restructure the UPZS stock and personnel of the company. During this period, the company parted ways with much of its previous management personnel, parted ways with consultant Garland Harris, restructured and/or settled debt (ongoing), revised and updated its growth strategy, secured a nationwide food purveyor and, out of absolute necessity, completely restructured its common stock.

"The past three years we have taken a deliberately measured and painstaking effort to rebuild Unique into the great pizza franchise it was always meant to be," said James Vowler, president and CEO of UPZS. "Before taking UPZS public, I spent 16 years and millions of personal dollars developing Unique into the best pizza in the marketplace, with a proven franchise formula for success. After UPZS went public, I surrounded myself with people I felt had the same common goals, and realized and understood the risks and sacrifices necessary for Unique to succeed. I made many miscalculations and mistakes during the early stages.

"I would like to thank the 2500+ shareholders of UPZS for their loyalty, continued support and belief in Unique. It hasn't been easy but, with our superior product, restructured stock and our advanced expansion formula, we will grow to become the top notch pizza franchise all of us know we can be!"

Read more about operations management.

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