Unique Pizza Hut-KFC buffet combo opens in Wichita

March 24, 2002

Cobranded Pizza Hut and KFC stores are nothing unique in the U.S. -- except for one now open in Wichita, Kan.

According to co-owner, Chris McCoy, the Pizza Hut-KFC combo operation there is the only one in the world with a buffet.

But even still there's a twist: Only the KFC offerings will be offered on the buffet. Personal Pan pizzas and breadsticks must be ordered separately.

The reason why is because of territorial rights held other nearby Pizza Huts. McCoy said that Restaurant Management Co., the firm operating the store, could only get a Pizza Hut Express license, not one for a full-fledged "red roof."

"Actually I'm kind of glad we didn't have a full Pizza Hut here," said McCoy, who managed a Pizza Hut in the past. "This makes it simple, and it's what we need."

The 4,500 square-foot restaurant seats 130 and has a wide-screen television airing sports, news and movies. Staffing it are 45 employees, half of whom are part time.

McCoy believes the dual-concept site will allow whole families to get what they want.

"It's pretty clear that parents like chicken, and kids like pizza," said McCoy. "So far, the Personal Pans have gone really well with kids."

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