Unsatisfied customer asked to stay away

July 31, 2003

PETERBOROUGH, United Kingdom -- After fielding 15-20 complaints in five years, Pizza Hut management told a testy customer not to come back, according to a report in the Evening Telegraph.

David Allen, 28, said he visited the restaurant about once a month and admitted to complaining about something on about a third of those occasions.

"It's the service, charging too much or the state of the food," Allen told the newspaper. "Overall, I enjoyed the food there, nine times out of 10 it was fantastic. But as a customer, I have the right to complain. You have got to have a moan if you don't think something is right. But now I am being punished because of it."

According to the newspaper, Allen received a letter from a Pizza Hut customer care manager acknowledging his complaints, saying the company was apparently unable to satisfy his expectations and requirements.

"Therefore, may I respectfully request that you refrain from visiting this particular branch of Pizza Hut," the unidentified manager wrote.

Gary Noller, manager of the Boongate restaurant, said Allen's wife, Anjalee, has worked at the restaurant as a waitress and is familiar with the complaint process.

"If he is not satisfied, why does he keep coming back?" Noller asked. "Often he complains and when we ask him why he doesn't know. They have often received money back for small technicalities that most customers would not even know or think about."

The restaurant recently won a Pizza Hut service award, the newspaper reported.

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