Upcoming 'Taxi' is one movie delivery drivers shouldn't see

March 28, 2002

HOLLYWOOD, Calif. -- Employee rewards are great motivators, but operators might think twice about giving delivery drivers tickets to the upcoming movie, "Taxi."

According to Variety, director Kevin Bray, who most recently directed "All About the Benjamins," will shoot an English-language remake of the French action comedy for 20th Century Fox. The original "Taxi" centered on the life of a pizza delivery driver who sets records among his peers for the speediest pizza deliveries. In his pursuit to become the fastest, the delivery driver clocks speeds of 135 mph -- in 30 mph zones.

In the story he's finally caught by police, who allow him to keep his license and his job when he agrees to help a hard-luck inspector on the track of bank robbers.

A release date for the film hasn't been determined.

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