Voice-activated, real-time customer feedback solution now available

June 6, 2013

Introducing a new way to gather customer or employee feedback, Speetra this week launched pulseM, the first voice-centric QR code application on the market. The solution, according to a company press release, allows smartphone users to capture a specially designed QR code that triggers the pulseM application and lets users speak their comments, rather than fill out an online form or take a survey. It offers an immediate outlet for compliments or complaints in a variety of situations.

For example, in a restaurant environment, a customer could use the pulseM app and code to praise the food or express unhappiness with waiting times or slow service. They can let the restaurant's management know their feelings immediately and directly, rather than expressing themselves publicly on social media.

"What pulseM does is overcome the problems connected with most feedback options," said Pawan Jaggi, founder and CEO of Speetra Inc. "Customer surveys are usually too involved and fail to capture people's immediate reactions. And written social media comments can't accurately capture the person's tone, such as whether they are being sarcastic or not."

Once the user speaks their comment, within seconds the comment is received by the sponsoring company as an audio file. The company can gauge in real time what people think about their products or services. With optional analytics, including sophisticated sentiment analysis based on tone and key words, a company receiving many pulseM messages can see precisely how their customers or employees feel about them.

"As the world's first real-time voice feedback platform, pulseM is redefining the customer survey," Jaggi said. "The feedback is immediate, it allows customers to express themselves naturally, and the automated analysis lets companies track instantly what their customers think of them."

The pulseM application is available now for the Apple iPhone, and an Android operating system version will be available in the third quarter of this year.

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