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Oct. 26, 2011, a provider of sales leads for the foodservice industry, today introduced Restaurant Unit Locator -- an interactive portal that gives sales, marketing and real estate professionals precise information about the geographic location of major restaurant chains.

The directory -- which covers the top 800 U.S. and Canadian restaurant chains including McDonald's, Burger King, Starbucks, Outback, Chipotle, Taco Bell, KFC and Panera -- yields specific geographic information on more than 200,000 units. All locations are geo-coded with latitude, longitude and Direct Marketing Area (DMA).

To develop the Restaurant Unit Locator, worked closely with Dunbar & Associates, an advisory services firm that specializes in the foodservice industry.

The directory combines data from and other proprietary databases created and developed over more than a decade. It also features mapping capabilities, innovative research methods and algorithms designed to ensure the directory is supplied with current, accurate data.

"As a long time client of, I always watched for top chains opening stores in new trading areas but I had trouble finding out where the stores were actually located. Now that information can be mapped precisely and organized by zone," said Joe Dunbar, founder and principal of Dunbar & Associates.

With simple tools and a user-friendly layout, the directory requires virtually no training and produces customized results in seconds. Users select the attributes they wish to search with, then create an up-to-date report in a downloadable table or map format. Search criteria include zip code, county and state, square footage, average unit volume, meal periods, cuisine, concept name(s) and other key attributes.

"Until now, if you wanted accurate information on restaurant unit locations, you had to obtain a data vendor, a software tool and an in-house IT professional," said Keith Gellman, President and CEO of "With the Restaurant Unit Locator we provide a user-friendly solution for a fraction of the cost and completely alleviate the hassle. Users can log in, set their parameters, then download the results or view them on a map."

The Restaurant Unit Locator offers a flexible pricing model that helps users match searches to their budgets, with billing based on specific usage patterns.

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