Woman wins battle for pizza delivery in neighborhood

Dec. 8, 2002

HITCHCOCK, Texas -- Paula Matranga finally has won her battle to have pizza delivered to her neighborhood.

According to the Daily News, Matranga protested repeatedly that a La Marque, Texas, Domino's Pizza store discriminated against her neighborhood by branding it a high-crime area.

The store's manager, Mike Chase, said one of his drivers had a brick thrown through his car's window while delivering to the area some time ago. But Matranga's husband, Charlie, doesn't believe the area is a dangerous zone.

"It's upsetting when people label your community something that you know it is not," said Charlie Matranga, Paula's husband. "There is no basis for this discrimination."

Holly Ryan, spokesperson at Domino's headquarters in Ann Arbor, Mich., stated that franchisees deliver no further than six miles from their stores. But according to the Internet service Mapquest, the distance between the Matranga home on Center Street and Domino's on is 5.41 miles; total travel time estimated at 10 minutes.

The Matrangas agreed with the 10-minute trip time estimate, and said it only takes seven minutes if one catches all the lights.

"It was discrimination plain and simple, and I didn't think it was right," said Paula Matranga. "They were judging the Hitchcock community as a whole."

After researching local crime statistics with the Hitchcock police department, Paula Matranga convinced Domino's corporate to add her neighborhood to the delivery zone.

Brian Brilbey, security director for Domino's, said local management staff was misinformed about the city's crime rate and Hitchcock would get delivery.

"I am real proud of what I did," said Paula Matranga. "We don't have many places to eat in Hitchcock and we really love pizza."

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