Innovative New Plug-and-Play Kiosk Allows Merchants to Easily Cash in on Movie Rentals

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Innovative New Plug-and-Play Kiosk Allows Merchants to Easily Cash in on Movie Rentals

CHARLOTTE, NC — Kiosks were new territory for consumers in 1999 when Micro-DVD Systems deployed hundreds of movie rental machines in TA Travel Centers of America locations. Today the company continues its tradition as a leader in the self-service industry by offering restaurant, retailers and other investors an easy, affordable, reliable way to generate untapped revenue by "Delivering Hollywood to Your Front Door."

Micro-DVD Systems recently rolled out its newest generation of automated movie kiosks. The compact AD-150 DVD System is designed specifically for locations such as pizzerias, quick-service restaurants, convenience stores, grocers, gift shops and hotels. The system offers a true turnkey solution with a patented plug-and-play design, simple installation, local market analysis, premium movie selection, inventory monitoring and around-the-clock support from U.S.-based staff.

“We help merchants who want to install their own movie rental kiosks so they can retain all of the rental profits instead of just a small portion by simply hosting a kiosk owned by someone else,” said Barry Faith, a partner in the company. “For instance, our new AD-150 DVD System has a special program feature that allows take-out restaurants to offer its customers a meal and a movie. The system allows locations such as pizzerias, delis and Chinese take-out restaurants to easily integrate movie rentals into daily phone orders and deliveries. That opens up an entirely new source of extra income for merchants.”

With Micro-DVD Systems, getting into the movie rental business is as simple as 1, 2, 3.

“Our team helps with everything to get you up and running quickly,” Faith said. “When the machine arrives, you plug it into a power source, hook it up to the Internet and scan in your movies, which arrive with barcodes already on them. Within about 10 minutes, you’re ready for your first customer and to start reaping a return on your investment.”

As an original equipment manufacturer, Micro-DVD Systems can configure and design systems to meet almost any specifications. Its innovative kiosks are reliable, secure, 100 percent PCI-DSS compliant, certified and field tested.

“We beta tested the AD-150 DVD System live in the field for over four months with a national franchise and during that time we didn’t experience any mechanical failures during that time,” Faith said. “Our engineers have been writing video software since 1989 and our systems are robust, reliable and user-friendly.”

In addition, the company’s turnkey service includes:
• Demographic analysis for each location to determine the best movies for initial deployment
• Daily inventory monitoring by a trained team that provides movie recommendations based on market analysis and prior rentals
• Weekly shipments of pre-ordered DVD’s with barcodes, ready to be inserted into the kiosk
• Monthly lists of new release DVDs and pricing
• Around-the-clock inventory monitoring
• Video training guide and technical support from U.S.-based staff, daily from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. EST.

“Our customer service staff is friendly, knowledgeable and eager to help merchants in any way possible,” Faith said. “Renting movies with the AD-150 DVD System is a really easy way for merchants to make extra money without a huge investment of time, labor or money.”

About Micro-DVD Systems: Based in Charlotte, North Carolina, Micro-DVD Systems is the original equipment manufacturer of movie rental kiosks designed for pizzerias, quick-service restaurants, convenience stores, grocers, gift shops and hotels. The systems can be configured to meet client specifications and are 100 percent PCI-DSS compliant and certified. 

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