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We all know that our friends and families influence us if they give us a recommendation…or a 'stay away!' …for a vendor or business. And those recommendations have proliferated in the social media sphere through sites like facebook and …
Ninety five percent. That's right, 95% of all consumers are on Facebook, according to our latest research findings across both North America and the UK. We asked more than 12,000 consumers from all age and income groups to tell us about their social …
As diners become more sophisticated in their tastes and desire for flavorful, healthful foods, quick-service and fast casual operators are plating up additional items that satisfy those demands, National Restaurant Association research finds. …
Culinary Tides, Inc. released the report: "Top 10 Trends Analysis - Shifting Sands 2012: A cross analysis of predictions across Government, Technology, Health, Consumer, Travel, Beverage, and Food & Flavor trends," hitting the food industry in …
Would YOU resist a robber?The young manager knelt in front of the safe, a thousand thoughts cluttering his head. His fingers were nearly frozen with fear as he fumbled with the combination. His heartbeat was pounding in his ears. A few thoughts came into focus; "please just …
The question we field more than any other when talking to small merchants is, "Who is making me become PCI compliant?" The answer is too complicated to simply point at one entity and say, "It's this guy, right here." In a few states, elements of PCI …
Let's talk for a minute about new trial. No, not the court kind, but the kind that every restaurant wants … new consumers trying out your restaurant for the first time. They might have stepped through your door because of your marketing, or …
Block cheese prices down slightlyCheese Average block cheese prices dropped to $1.50 last week on the Chicago Mercantile Exchange. Cheese averaged $1.55 last week. Prices closed at $1.50 Monday through Thursday, and $1.51 Friday. Wheat Wheat prices slightly increased last week, …
Recession or not, the restaurant industry is here and growing. Consumers spend a huge percentage of their food budgets on eating out at restaurants, and restaurant sales are expected to top $600 billion this year. And yet according to the National …
The top 5 reasons to franchise your businessIf you are an entrepreneur and you have one, two or even three operations, why should you be thinking about franchising? There are many reasons, but here are the top 5: I have a brand that I want to expand but lack the capital to do it by myself. …
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